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This is Jean Pereira and I’m back in Northern California to show everyone around here how brick, stone, and concrete work is truly done.

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I’m based out of Sacramento, California and am obviously the concrete or masonry contractor you want to call to take care of your upcoming project. If you have any questions about the quality of work we perform, check out some pictures of some of the work our company has done for our happy clients.

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City Concrete And Masonry is your number one choice for concrete and masonry work. Call us today for a property visit with a free residential or commercial quote. Our dedicated experts do concrete, stonework, and brickwork for both residential and commercial clients. We take the time to get to know our customers and determine exactly what they need, rather than pushing our vision on them, we work together with you to find the perfect solution that fits your needs and your budget.

When you work with a trusted contractor like City Concrete And Masonry, you’re benefiting from our years of experience, industry expertise and skilled masons and workers who will treat your project like one of their own.

How can City Concrete And Masonry help your home or business?

City Concrete and Masonry has expert contractors who will help translate your vision for your indoor or outdoor area into reality. Our contractors have the experience and skills necessary for any kind of concrete work, brickwork, stonework and masonry.

Your building’s exterior and the land that lays around it is the first impression you get from anyone looking upon your property. Cracked or unsightly concrete or outdated brickwork sets the tone before people even walk in.

Rather than relying on DIY experience, using our contractors can help guarantee the perfect end result you’re searching for. Our expert concrete contractors have the skills necessary to prepare your concrete to your satisfaction so you enjoy a lifetime of use.

Concrete construction is the literal foundation of building work. If you’re pouring concrete, you need reliable concrete construction contractors to do the work. Our experts start with cement framing to make sure the end product looks crisp and clean. The framing part of the process isn’t glamorous, but it’s essential for creating a great final product. Then our construction contractors will exceed your expectations with our thorough approach and careful attention to detail.

We work on:

    • Concrete driveways
    • Concrete patios
    • Stairs
    • Fireplaces
    • Barbecues
    • Concrete pouring and cement pouring
    • Concrete walls
    • Drilling
  • And much more

Our skilled contractors oversee every aspect of the concrete process, from preparing the ground to mixing the concrete to the exact specifications required. They will also put in the extra effort to personalize your concrete to your style and taste. Stained concrete or painted concrete brings the look of your concrete to a whole new level. If you like a simple look, then simply sealing the concrete can preserve the natural appearance while still protecting it from moisture damage and general wear and tear.

Concrete can look amateurish if it’s not done right. Badly poured cement will crack and won’t dry to make a level surface. If too much moisture gets into the concrete before it cures, it can expand in freezing temperatures and crack your pristine surface. You want a final product that is both attractive and functional, and that requires the use of masonry contractors who have an eye for the detail required. Think of it as an investment. A concrete bench or porch can easily last a lifetime. If you’re taking the time to add a feature with such longevity, hiring the right contractors ensures that the product is something you’ll be happy with years down the road.

Some of our experience in different uses for concrete are shown below:

Concrete masonry

  • Stamped concrete and stamped concrete driveways

Stamped concrete is ideal for patios, pool decks, interior and exterior flooring and driveways. A concrete walkway can be updated with stamps to help extend your house’s curb appeal. We have many examples of stamped concrete pathways to help you choose a pattern and look that you like best. The stamped concrete can also be stained to emphasize the difference in textures. Driveway contractors can help determine if your driveway needs to be leveled or expanded. This is particularly useful on older homes, where narrow driveways and old slabs are common.

  • Paving

While sidewalks are usually city property and can’t be updated, the sidewalk from your driveway to your door or any pavement in your backyard can be updated as much as needed. Uneven pavement ages over time and is a hazard to anyone walking on your property. Chipped pavement also looks unsightly and can stain much more quickly.

When you customize your paving for your home, you can take it from dull to decorated with stamped pavement, curved pavement or simple staining. Not only are you gaining a more functional walking surface for your property, you will have something that represents your tastes. And with City Concrete And Masonry, you have the assurance of knowing the work is done correctly.

  • Concrete grinding

Concrete countertops or patios require concrete grinding, which helps smooth the surface by polishing away abrasions. A good concrete polishing will result in a smooth, even surface. But don’t try this yourself, because an improper or sloppy polishing can result in chips or cracks, which can completely ruin the finish. Get it done right the first time with our professionals.

Concrete grinding can be used on inside floors and is necessary to make them smooth enough not to snag fabric. Abrasives of varying grits are used to wear down the concrete and make it smoother. Grinding can also be done on marble or granite floors and countertops. An uneven or improperly ground service will snag clothes and pick up dirt much more readily because of the additional surface area.

By smoothing your concrete or stone floors and countertops, you’re getting the most out of your investment and will ensure it looks great for years to come.

Concrete for the home

  • Patio

Your time outdoors is worth every minute, but standing on grass isn’t fun if you’re worried about ants or other bugs. A concrete patio keeps you up out of the grass and on a flat surface that can be used for games, grilling, and more. The right concrete patio contractor can help you determine exactly what shape patio flatters your house best. They will then mark off the area and tear up what is needed to prepare the ground accordingly. Once it’s time to pour, the cement will be mixed on-site to ensure the consistency is perfect. When the cement is being mixed, you can add color to stain the concrete or it can be painted or stained after it dries. Even subtle color changes can give the concrete a specialized look. We have many stain and color options so you can see the color that works best for you.

  • Pillars

No classical patio is complete without pillars. Concrete or brick pillars can elevate your work area from drab to beautiful. Pillars can be added along patios, gazebos, fence corners and many other places around the home. These can easily be stamped and imprinted with different patterns or molded into a specific shape.

  • Concrete walls

Concrete walls can act as the foundation for a higher privacy fence or as retaining walls that help prevent soil erosion on a steep incline. Our concrete wall contractors will assess where the wall should be placed for maximum effect and help you plan out the best use of their space. If a concrete wall is set up correctly, it can last for many years.

Retaining walls are also a necessity in many low-lying areas. Not only do they help protect your home from flooding, they prevent soil erosion. But the wall’s potential is only brought out by experts who know exactly where to put the wall and how best to shape it so it complements your property. A well-done retaining wall can be so subtle that it almost goes unnoticed.

  • Decorative concrete

Concrete and concrete accessories hold up well to the elements, making them ideal for home accents. Flowerpots, raised garden beds, benches, dividing walls and pool walkways can all be highly customized to your taste. Stamping and coloring concrete brings plain concrete to life. Our portfolio of décor ideas can help you see what other customers have done for their homes so you can put together your 100 percent customized concrete look.

Concrete flowerpots can be heavily customized or molded to fit your needs. Make sure to use liners if you plan to plant in them directly.

  • Pool decks

Going straight from the grass is a recipe for slipping and a dirty pool. By installing a concrete or stone pool deck, you create an area around your in-ground pool that is easy to clean and maintain while completing the look of your pool area.

Since most pools are maintained with chlorine, you need a surface that is easy to clean and will resist damage from standing water, chemicals and sunlight. Stone and concrete fit the bill perfectly. Our pool deck contractors will put together a pool deck that suits your area perfectly.


A concrete foundation is the start of any project, and if the foundation is badly done, then the entire project will have difficulty. We are capable of laying foundations for smaller features like sheds or gazebos all the way up to houses, business and large residences. A solid foundation must be mixed perfectly and poured in a timely fashion. Don’t trust your foundation to just any company.

We have the regional experience required to lay a foundation in LOCATION. Don’t trust your foundation to anyone except a local company who lives here and knows the soil condition, weather and climate, and other environmental factors that can affect how a foundation ages. You can trust that we will help you plan the perfect foundation, mix it properly so it isn’t too thick or too thin and then set the foundation evenly and quickly so it cures uniformly. Once the foundation is ready, your vision can truly take shape.

  • Chimney

A concrete or brick chimney takes only a few hours of work and the end result is very striking. An old, narrow chimney can be dirty from use or chipped and worn. By replacing the old chimney with a new concrete block one or a brick chimney, you’ll improve your home’s insulation and curb appeal. Chimneys can also be made larger to make them a centerpiece of the home.

And our expertise doesn’t stop at concrete and cement. City Concrete And Masonry is the best when it comes to building stone retaining walls and other brick features.

Stone masonry

  • Decorative stonework

Every home and business has a different style, and what works for one may not work for the others. Here are some of our specialty services that go beyond the basics. Call today to book the services that work best for you and to get a free estimate.

  • Stone walls

Stone walls are a fun alternative to fencing and they require much less maintenance. Stone can easily be power washed to remove any algae growth, and a properly created stone wall will hold up to rain, snow, and sun. Wall construction requires preparing the ground and setting a strong foundation so the wall can stand for many years.

  • Stone walkways

A stone walkway can turn a garden from a muddy mess to an easily navigable paradise. Small stones can create a mosaic look or large stones can be used to make a more even path. Stones should be carefully selected to make sure they are appropriate for a walkway. Brittle stones like slate are worse for walkways than a durable stone like granite.

  • Stone veneers

Stone veneers can be added to any surface to turn it from plain to beautiful. With the appeal of natural stone, your outdoor patio or barbecue area can be completely transformed. Stone veneers also protect your outdoor surfaces better than a laminate since stone is resistant to UV fading and general weathering. With proper stone sealer, it can even be waterproofed.

  • Ornamental stonework

Our customers love their outdoor areas to feel as warm and welcoming as their interiors. Decorative stone fireplaces, fire pits, outdoor kitchens can all benefit from stone work to bring out their best look. Our masons will carefully measure and cut the stone for precise edges and a clean finish. Their eye for detail means the stone pattern won’t be too simple or too complex. Instead, we listen to our customers to see exactly what they need and turn their vision into reality.

Brick masonry

Brick work can be very simple or very complex. An ornate brick path can liven up any home’s exterior. Brick additions to homes have to be carefully matched, especially when significant time has passed since the house was built and the addition is added. Our brick contractors are experienced with working with brick and understand the subtle differences that make brick an outstanding medium to build in.

Why use a contractor?

In the age of DIY and YouTube tutorials, why should you bother hiring a contractor instead of doing the work yourself? While you may be able to do the basics, laying concrete and stone is a difficult and time-consuming task that requires expensive tools and deep industry experience. For example, if you pour the concrete incorrectly, there is nothing to do but wait for it to dry and drill everything up and start over. Mistakes in stonework and concrete are very costly, and it can be a frustrating mess if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Instead, when you hire City Concrete And Masonry, you have the peace of mind of knowing you’re being served by experts who do this work every day. Laying concrete is harder than it may seem, and you need the right contractors by your side.

City Concrete And Masonry is dedicated to helping create a beautiful space that you can be proud of. We listen to our customers and make sure their vision for their property is clearly communicated and evident in every step of the process. We will never impose our ideas or preferences on you. Instead, we offer a knowledgeable opinion and industry expertise that turns your dream project into a reality that you get to enjoy every day.

We also educate our customers on the best way to maintain their new additions.

We want you to be happy with your new concrete, stone or brick addition to your property. With City Concrete And Masonry, you’re in the good hands of a team of experts who will do everything they can to beautify your area. If you’re looking for a concrete contractor in Sacramento, give us a call to get a free quote. We can’t wait to work with you!



With over 15 years of experience in construction, concrete, and masonry projects we stand by our work and provide a warranty as assurance.


We understand that you are looking for value. We are able to provide competitive pricing without having to cut corners and deliver quality work.


Our goal is to earn your trust. We promise to be transparent and always keep you informed every step of the way. We’re here for our customers.

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We hired city concrete to do the driveway of our home. They did an excellent job, finished on time, on budget and were great people to work with. We'd refer them to anyone who is looking for a good contractor and would definitely hire them again.

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